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Laptop Backpack- When most people think of laptop backpacks, they think of two things first: hiking and school. However, in our modern age the trusty old backpack is more than just a repository for trail mix and school books: some people have taken to carrying their laptop computers around in them.

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While this may seem odd at first glance, when you come to think of it, the practice does make sense. Instead of hauling your computer around in a valise-style carrying case, put it on your back, so your hands are free -- the better to carry your briefcase.

Don't laptop backpacks seem to be an elegant solution? Of course they do.

Modern laptops are so light that you hardly know they're there, so weight probably isn't an issue, unless of course you're using one of those behemoths from the dawn of the laptop era -- say 10 years ago. If that's the case, are you still using a cell phone the size of a brick? Just curious.

Moving on down the sidewalk

Computer backpacks, like student backpacks, come in a bewildering variety of styles, colors, and even shapes. It's up to you which one you pick, but you should make sure that it has at least these basics:

  • A separate and preferably padded compartment for your laptop
  • An extra compartment for your papers and cordage
  • Slots for your disks and CD-ROMs (assuming you carry any around)

Beyond that, the details are up to you. A well-made laptop backpack can more or less replace your briefcase or valise, giving you both hands to juggle your Starbucks coffee with and swipe the door scanner with one of your ID badges.

A good multi-function laptop backpack will have slots for your Blackberry, cell phone, and organizer, or whatever you may use that combines all three functions. If you're a little retro, look for places for pens and a notepad (though that's so Twentieth Century).

One thing that few laptop backpacks have (sadly) is excess space. After all, you're carrying a laptop -- the whole point is miniaturization and the conservation of space, right? On the other hand, even slim, small packs can offer the features listed above, in one economical package.

But if you're looking for something big enough to let you carry around a large selection of office supplies, we recommend you stick with your briefcase and not a laptop backpack.

Classy stylin'

Once you've made a decision to start using a fine laptop backpack, and you've found the ones with all the features you need, then it's time to narrow it down to your personal style. While many manufacturers seem to assume we all like somber black nylon, you needn't limit yourself to that, because other pack makers aren't afraid to experiment with style.

We'd recommend something in fine, buttery-soft leather, which is classy and will be at home in just about any environment, from neo-hippy to ultraconservative. But if you like laptop backpacks with bright purple with tassels on the zipper pulls and lots of button pins, hey, that's up to you. Just don't blame us if people start teasing you when you show up carrying what amounts to a piece of mobile modern art disguised as a laptop backpack.

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