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"Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy- What? Say That Again!"

SpySheriff Activation Code- What They Don't Want You to Know! by Jack Smersh

"Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy". OK I did say it again. But, what does it mean? Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy is they way your computer files will read after a spyware program has scrambled your data.

For example, it will happen after you enter the SpySheriff Activation Code or SpySheriff Activation Key when installing the fake SpySheriff anti-spyware program.

It's also a literary device to wholesomely represent profanity. It is what you'll utter after your system is infected with spyware as in saying, "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy"!

Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy is what your bank account and credit report will look like after SpySheriff or other spyware have stolen your personal information, Social Security Number and passwords.

COMING CLEAN ABOUT "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy"

OK. OK. I'm making a little joke about what Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy really means. Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy is actually Spybot Search and Destroy when written in clear text. The "%2B" is HTML for a blank space between 2 or more HTML file names.

However, I'm NOT joking about spyware stealing your personal information and possible identity theft.

As you read each word in this article you will sink deeper and deeper into the thought, "I've got to do something fast about the spyware on my computer".


What is spyware? I'm glad you asked because I was just about to tell you.

Spyware may try to steal your personal information, slow down your computer to crawl, make it crash, spawn multiple pop-up ads, make your broadband connection seem worse than dial-up and attempt to harvest your passwords to financial accounts or programs.

Spyware is installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent. It then tries to "spy" on you and send the information back to its author. Read our article on Computer Spyware for more details and then come right back here.

How can you protect yourself? Well, you need good anti-spyware programs.


There are a minimum of 29 Adware PC Removal Spyware Programs that are fake. There may be hundreds.

This means you are risking your personal data and normal computer operation if you download just any old spyware program from the XYZ website.

These fake anti-spyware programs like Spysheriff and SpyFalcon purport to find spyware on your computer. They then entice you to download and install the fake anti-spyware program. The fake program opens the door to real spyware.

Use only those anti-spyware programs that have well reviewed by the major computer magazines.


Spybot Search and Destroy is a legitimate and well regarded anti-spyware program.

What is SpySheriff? From its kind of catchy name you might think it polices spyware. However, there is nothing lawful about it. SpySheriff software is bogus anti-spyware. It spreads spyware and does not kill it.

So, does Spybot Search and Destroy kill SpySheriff spyware? You’d better believe it. It stomps on and removes it like it was a rattlesnake!

Spybot Search and Destroy is shareware that kills spyware. But can you afford it?


The real question is can you afford to operate your computer without Spybot Search and Destroy and like anti-spyware tools to kill pests like SpySheriff.

Why should you spend your valuable time or pay $170.00 to $600.00 for a professional to wipe clean your spyware infected hard drive and start all over when you can prevent it?

Alright, I’ll have mercy on you and end the suspense. You CAN afford Spybot Search and Destroy because it’s FREEEE. The author of this excellent anti-spyware software does accept donations through Pay Pal.

I recommend you donate, but a donation is NOT required for full function of the software.


Recently a client presented me with a laptop infected with a variant of SpySheriff. After booting up, the normal Windows XP wallpaper was replaced with a stridently worded blue screen error message.

The message stated, “Warning Spyware Threat Detected! System Error #1752”. At the end of the message there were two hyperlinks to click on to remove SpySheriff.

What do you think my client was saying about now? You guessed it. She was saying, "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy"!

There was also a red dot in her System Tray on the Windows Taskbar. This was another symptom of SpySheriff and its clones. Had my client clicked on it and entered the SpySheriff Activation Key she eventually would have unleashed a Pandora's Box of spyware on her system.

Did Spybot Search and Destroy fix my client’s laptop? Unfortunately, I never got to use it because she also had 15 viruses. The viruses corrupted the boot sector of the hard drive and resulted in a “Missing Operating System” error.

I won’t bore you with the bloody repair details.


Another client presented his laptop with spyware including the FAKE anti-spyware programs SpySheriff, SpyFalcon, Winantispyware 2005, PestTrap and Psguard.

My client was paralyzed with uncertainty, doubt and fear for his data. He was muttering "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy"!

These fake anti-spyware programs presented a bogus Windows Desktop or multiple pop-up windows (even when not connected to the Internet).

Some lied and urged that you must download our program to disinfect your computer.

The laptop was also infected with the Berbew Trojan that is capable of stealing passwords and trojan-downloader-slob (opens the door to other spyware downloads).

I also detected and killed TinySpyAgent, a Commercial Key Logger designed to record every keystroke and send them to the author.

Consequently I advised my client to change all his passwords and to check all his credit and banking companies for fraudulent activity.

1128 spyware programs and 12 viruses were killed using my anti-spyware and anti-virus tools. The system was restored to good health. My client stopped saying "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy".

No data was lost. I used 4 anti-spyware and 2 anti-virus programs.


Spybot is one of my favorite freeee weapons against spyware. It is packed with useful features and tools.

Unfortunately the anti-spyware industry is not yet mature enough so that one anti-spyware program will kill all of the nasty little buggers on your system. I use a minimum of four anti-spyware programs to scan a problem system.

Each anti-spyware program usually finds spyware the others did not.

The "hired guns" or paid programs have a much higher spyware kill rate than the freeee programs as of this writing. The paid programs find a minimum of 33 percent more spyware than the freeee programs.

Remember it only takes one spyware program to ruin your whole day. Yeah, that's right you'll be muttering "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy".

Therefore I use a combination of both paid and freeee spyware remover programs in order to clean client systems and my own.

As you are thinking about that combination you wonder which anti-spyware programs should I get? Find out what mix of pay and free anti-spyware programs I recommend in my "Spyware Killer Confessions" article. Click Here ==> Spyware Killer|Killers|Remover.


Are you beginning to see you have to take action on the spyware menace now? Of course you are.

And as you absorb this information you'll feel the need to get one anti-spyware program to start. Click Here Now ==> Spyware Remover to learn more.

We here at Tweak All Consultants highly recommend folks in the Santa Monica|Venice|Marina Del Rey|Malibu|Los Angeles, California area call 310-392-4840 now for spyware removal by No Sweat !!! Computer Consultants. You'll avoid saying "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy".


Let's summarize. You like playing Russian Roulette if you don't have anti-spyware tools. You're just asking for spies inside your computer. About eighty per cent of all PC's have spyware according to industry estimates.

Spyware on your computer is like having an electronic bug in your physical home or office.

Do not download and install the fake anti-spyware program SpySheriff. Do not input the SpySheriff Activation Code when prompted. Ignore my advice and you'll be saying naughty things like "Spybot%2BSearch%2Band%2BDestroy"!

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