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Spyware Detector - The Twelve Signs That Your Machine is Infected With Spyware

Spyware Detection Signs

"Spyware Detector I presume"? You say you're here to learn the ropes of spyware detection? Very good, I will show how to detect spyware from its Twelve Signs.

Spyware detect
and become your own spyware detector by observing your computer for the telltale signs listed below:

  1. You’re deluged with pop-up Ads. One client said her machine acted as though it was "possessed". This sign makes detecting spyware a must doesn't it?

  2. Your web browser home page defaults to a page you never requested as if under another’s control even after you change it. Your browser home page has been hijacked. You may also get a new, unrequested horizontal browser toolbar.

  3. Media files like .wav (sound), .avi (movie), .wma (audio and video) and others open in strange applications.

  4. Your machine takes a long time to do anything—start up, open programs, shut down and so forth. Most people really get motivated to detect spyware when experiencing this sign.

  5. You suffer frequent, unexplainable slowdowns.

  6. Your high speed broadband connection is a lot slower than it used to be. Sometimes it slows to a crawl. Another motivator to detect spyware and kill it.

  7. Windows seems more unstable that it was. Crashes are now an expected occurrence.

  8. There are unexplainable charges or services on your telephone bill (can be malware called a telephone dialer). This program dials out to someplace in the world on its own schedule and may report on what it has found out about you.

  9. Strangers/businesses seem to know more about you than they should. Check your credit report. Beware of spyware collecting your personal information resulting in identity theft. This makes for a critical need to detect spyware.

  10. Redirected search engine results. You search for apples and you get a listing of oranges.

  11. Strange additions to Internet Explorer Favorites or Windows Start Up Menu/Group.

  12. Kazaa, or other music file sharing program, is installed on your computer. If it is, I guarantee that you could have up to two thousand and more spyware programs on your computer. You will have a Detect Spyware Festival!

Spyware Detector Bonus Sign: Your Anti-spyware or anti-virus program is turned off or malfunctioning. That way you cannot detect spyware. As a self defense tactic, spyware sometimes targets the weapons designed to kill it.

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This article also tells you what spyware is, describes its tactics and tells you what you must do to avoid being a spyware victim, more about spyware detection and how to kill spyware.

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