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Spyware Killer|Killers? I admit it. I confess. I am a killer. I am a spyware killer.

I am a spyware remover pro. I kill spyware with and without a contract. I am a spyware (or spy ware) hit man! I have declared war.

Am I the best spyware killer? Read on and learn about my weapons and tactics and decide for yourself.

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Spy in Your Computer?

Why do I kill them? I kill them because I hate these sneaky little programs that try to slow the speed of my clients' computers to a crawl, spawn seemingly endless pop-up ads, commit Identity Theft, make Windows unstable and subject to crashes and do other bad things.

Spyware or Adware are programs surreptitiously installed on your computer. The malignant form of Spyware may attempt to report on your keystrokes and Internet surfing habits. It may attempt to steal your name, address, telephone number, social security number, credit card numbers, passwords (do you bank online?) and other personal information.

Some in the "benign" form of the spyware software "industry" claim that they only collect neutral, broad demographic information that contains no personal information. Others in the same industry admit they will collect as much information as they can and sell or rent it to whomever they please. I am your Spyware Killer for either or both.

The Neilsons vs. The Information Highway Robbers

For the "benign" version of spyware I coined the term the Neilsons (like the TV rating service) of the Internet. I called this brand of spyware the Neilsons because of their claim that they collect no personally identifying information but only measure the popularity of products and services on the Internet.

For the "malignant" version that includes attempts at Identity Theft, I coined the term, The Information Highway Robbers. These robbers roam the Internet looking to rob you of your personal information.

Both the benign and the malignant versions are bad for your computer's health. Click here ==> Spyware Detector|Detection|Detect Spyware to read my article, "Spyware Detector- The Twelve Signs That Your Machine is Infected With Spyware" and then return to this article for the cure by the Spyware Killer.

Therefore spyware may attack you personally and may attack your computer. In military strategy this is called a "pincer" attack. Pincer is a two pronged attack on the enemy on both his flanks in an attempt to squeeze and crush him.

Sneak or Surprise Attack is another way to describe what spyware does. It uses stealth to install itself to and infect your computer without your permission.

Are You a POIW?

If you have not figured it out yet, this is war and the spyware authors consider you the enemy. They don't want to kill you. They want to capture you and your personal information.

They want to make you their Prisoner of Information Warfare (POIW). You like that term? I do. I just coined it.

They want to torture you and your computer for your name, address, social security and credit numbers, web surfing habits and whatever other information they can get. This is so they can better target you for more torture. Without knowing it, you could be a POIW for a lifetime.

I am your Spyware Killer and I am here to rescue you.

Alright so what can you do?

I recommend that you get all of the anti-spyware tools listed below. They are your spyware killer weapons. Why four Spyware Killers? Unfortunately, the anti-spyware industry has not yet matured.

No single program gets all of the spyware on your system. When I detect and kill spyware on my clients' systems, I use all of these programs listed below and sometimes others.

If you have never scanned your system for spyware before, don't be surprised if you find hundreds or even thousands of spyware programs.

Download the following anti-spyware weapons:

1. Click here ==> Spyware Killers download for CounterSpy

2. Click here ==> Spyware Killer download for Spy Sweeper

3. Click here ==> Spyware Remover download for Spybot Search and Destroy

4. Click here ==> Spyware Removers download for Lavasoft AdAware

Counter Spy and Spy Sweeper are ranked either first or second for spyware detection and as a spyware remover by the major computer magazines. They are $19.95 and $29.95 respectively for a one year subscription.

They are well worth the money when you consider that you are protecting a minimum investment of $1000.00 in computer hardware and software. They are good Spyware Killers.

You may check out my review of Spy Sweeper by clicking on Spyware Remover|Computer Spyware.

AdAware and SpyBot are free spyware|malware killers|killer. SpyBot will accept donations which I encourage. In the past, both were highly ranked by the some computer magazines although they have been somewhat eclipsed by the effectiveness of Spy Sweeper and Counter Spy. However I still use them both.

Microsoft as a Spyware Killer?

Microsoft had a free spyware beta (experimental) tool based on the same technology as Counter Spy.

June 2008 Update: Microsoft now has what is called Windows Live One Care. One Care is touted as a one stop anti-spyware and anti-virus solution. One Care does a lot more, but here we are talking about anti-spyware solutions.

October 2009 update: Microsoft abandoned Windows Live One Care and now has a new product called Microsoft Security Essentials.

It is a middle of the road anti-spyware and virus solution. It is free. However the industry consensus is that other free tools are better.

Microsoft Security Essentials does NOT scan your Email.

Microsoft Security Essentials scans but does not catch most malware in zipped files.

As of October 2009, I do not recommend Microsoft Security Essentials or Live One Care as your sole anti-spyware or anti-virus killer.

Recently, I prepped a new computer for client. This included migration of data and programs from the old to the new computer.

Do you want to transfer malware from the old to the new computer? Obviously not. That would be a bad move for a Spyware Killer.

This client relied ONLY on Windows Live One Care as his anti-spyware and anti-virus solution on the old computer.

It took me over two days to kill all the spyware and viruses on the old computer. I used a combination of paid and free spyware killer, anti-virus and free|trojan killer software.

Obviously One Care was not up to the job.

It cost my client a lot of money and time for me to clean up his old computer before I could even start the migration of data and programs to the new computer.

The multi anti-spyware program approach to killing spyware is still the recommended course of action.

Use One Care or Microsoft Security Essenials only in combination with the other spyware remover software recommended in this article (if you use them at all).

Spyware Killer|Killers Updates and Frequency of the Kill

Before any spyware scan make sure that you download the updates for the program. Each program is different, simply look for a button or link that says something about download updates or update definitions.

I also recommend that you perform these spyware killer scans a minimum of once a week. The first, eighth, sixteenth and twenty-fourth of the month are easy days to remember. Daily scheduled scans during non working hours are even better.

Remember the following 10 Thou Shall Not's:

1. Open Email Spam.

2. Click on pop up ads.

3. Use music file share programs (many may install or permit hundreds of spyware programs) unless they advertise themselves as spyware free (Gnucleus by Gnutella is one. Go to http://www.gnucleus.com/Gnucleus/ to download).

4. Download the purported latest and greatest software utility that is supposed to fix some computer ill unless it is recommended by a trusted source like this website (your spyware killer) or a major computer magazine. Otherwise spyware may be part of the download.

5. Go to shady or marginally legal websites. Spyware may be installed just by navigating to those sites. Adult or porn sites are known purveyors of spyware, viruses and computer worms. This is not a moral but a technical Thou Shalt Not judgment.

6. Fail to perform Windows Security Updates so that Windows is patched as vulnerabilities become known. Set Windows Updates for Automatic if you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher or Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or higher.

7. Fail to install a minimum of 2 Spyware Killer weapons like CounterSpy and Spy Sweeper.

8. Fail to install a Firewall to block some spyware installs and spyware attempts to "call home". As a bare minimum activate the native Windows XP Firewall (only blocks incoming attacks).

9. Use Internet Explorer. Download and use Firefox, Chrome, Opera or another non Internet Explorer-based browser.

10. Click on links in Email. Copy and paste the links into the Address Bar of your browser instead. Sometimes these Email links will redirect to malicious websites with spyware, viruses or phishing attempts.

There, I feel better. I confessed my sin. I am a spyware killer and I love my work.

If you don't mind talking to a confessed spyware killer, then Email me with your questions or comments.

I am proud to be your Spyware Killer|Killers.

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