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"Spyware Remover- Who Else Wants a Spyware Clean Computer?"

Spies Are Taking Your Personal
Information Right Now!

by Jack Smersh

(Spyware remover- This article was originally an Email sent to my clients to alert them to the realities of the Computer Spyware Threat. I updated it as the spyware threat increased. I wanted a virtually error safe spyware remover.)

Spyware Remover. Hi, it has been awhile since we spoke via Email.

I am writing because of the many client computers I repaired that were slowed down to a crawl by Computer Spyware. It has happened at an increasing rate over the past year or so.

Therefore I decided to write to my old (and some new) newsletter readers to get the word out about spyware remover software.

The spyware theft of your private information (name, address, social security, credit card numbers) was another big motivator for this Email.

Spyware may have eclipsed viruses as a threat to the health of your computer. The industry estimate is that 80% of all computers are infected by Spyware. There is obviously a great need for a good spyware remover.

Alright, so how do we fix the problem?


Recently I have been recommending that all my clients get the paid version of Spy Sweeper, the spyware remover program.

My mind has changed about this since I love recommending free software that works. In the past, I had advised against the paid version.

Spy Sweeper has been ranked as number 1 or 2 in its category by all the major computer magazines because it is an outstanding spyware remover.

It has been my experience that Spy Sweeper consistently finds and kills more spyware than either the free AdAware or SpyBot (both of which are excellent programs).

Just recently, I found 881 Spyware programs with Spy Sweeper AFTER I had scanned my client's laptop with both AdAware and SpyBot. That is just one sample of the good results I have seen with Spy Sweeper.

Moreover, Spy Sweeper is virtually an Errorsafe Spyware Remover.


Imagine this, would you knowingly tolerate a video camera or microphone recording your every word and action in your home or office by a person or persons unknown? Of course you wouldn't.

Spyware is probably present on your computer right now. It's doing the same thing that the camera and microphone would do. The only difference is that it is on your computer.

Are you getting the picture? Yes? Good. Then it's time to get a spyware remover.


It is only $29.95 for a one year subscription and only $39.95 for a two year subscription (an option at the end of online purchase). Subscription means that you get updates to the Spy Sweeper spyware remover database for the one or two year period as appropriate. To download Spy Sweeper click here and follow the simple on screen instructions.

It is well worth the money when you consider the hazards of spyware like identity theft, incessant pop ups, making your computer soooo slow, system crashes and many other bad things.

You have a minimum $1000.00 investment in your computer hardware, software and consultant time. Some of you have considerably more money invested in your computer systems. Therefore $29.95 to $39.95 is cheap insurance, right? Of course it is.


You might ask, what about the free trial version of Spy Sweeper? The free or trial version permits only one update. I may have already installed the Spy Sweeper trial version on your computer. Please get the paid version so that it can be updated. Only an updated product fully functions as a spyware remover.

Spy Sweeper scans can also be scheduled automatically like Norton Anti-Virus. You cannot do this with most free anti-spyware programs.

Picture yourself a week from now. No more pop-up ads. Your broadband connection is faster. Your computer starts up and shuts down quickly like it used to do. Your personal information is better protected. Your computer actually responds when you click or type. What a relief!

Once again, to get Spy Sweeper click here and follow the simple on screen instructions.


You get Spy Sweeper with a No Risk, You-Can't-Lose, No Questions Asked, Iron-Clad, 30-Day, 100%, Money-Back-Guarantee. That's another reason I recommend it.

There is no risk to you.

And as your thinking about the guarantee you're probably wondering, is this for real? Yep, it is. One if my clients tested it. My client inadvertently bought two copies of the program when she only needed one.

My client's money was immediately refunded upon request by Webroot Software, Inc., the maker of Spy Sweeper. No questions were asked. No forms were filled out. The credit card billing was reversed on the second purchase.


My humble thanks for your past, current and future business.

Please contact me with any questions about installation or use.

If you do not want to receive future Emails, just say so.

Remember, get Spy Sweeper, the spyware remover.

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• Spy Sweeper was selected as its Best Buy by PC World Magazine in the October 2006 issue on page 55.

  • Spy Sweeper 4.5 was selected as PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for the July 17, 2006 issue.
  • • Since this was first written Spy Sweeper has upgraded its software to version 5.0. Many of you who purchased this after the first Email have version 3.5. The upgrade to version 5.0 is FREE for existing owners.

    • The software can be upgraded from within the program and is easy to do.